Author: Stefan Coleman

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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When Darkness falls upon Learsi,and nightmares take on form,ten friends unite a shattered kingdom,and forgotten Hope returns.Joshian Farstrid desired a simple life. He had his place on the ships, and a stable future. He had friends who trusted him, family who loved him, and a village who believed in him, and he wanted nothing more.Calian desired the sea. He had his books, his maps, a promised spot on his father's ship, and now with his spear and the authority to go, his world was open. His own adventure was just beyond the horizon, and he was ready to write it himself.But when a young lord crashes offshore, and a race against time determines whether his life is forfeit or saved, they're plunged into a world that had been nothing but story. As the shadow returns across Learsi, they discover that the legends they drew inspiration on are actually history, their nightmares are the reality the world is about to face, and their heroes are not distant figments, but rather closer than they thought.In another part of the world, the fires of Malgalon are rekindled after a thousand years, and the ancient guardians prepare for war.Are you ready?