Author: Barry James Stephenson

Category: Popular Fiction

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The true story of one child's attempt to grow up on a rough English housing estate, with his crazed imaginary friend.WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK?People who are interested in reading about an ‘idiot child’ who has a brain which wasn’t designed to understand things, and an imaginary friend who hates him, as he attempts to survive in a world where virtually everything presents a threat of one sort or another.People who have a sense of humour and enjoy dark comedy.People who will appreciate the tale of a boy, who in the darkness of a bleak childhood, encounters a one-armed man, who shows him how to find hope and develop an inner-strength in the midst of adversity.This is the uncompromisingly honest story of the author’s childhood. Laugh-out-loud funny – disturbing – endearing – and at times, tinged with sadness. You will run the whole range of emotions as you are immersed in the life of a boy who isn’t quite at home in this world, as he tries to navigate his way through childhood on a rough housing estate.You’ll mainly laugh though, after all, it’s about a half-wit – how can that not be funny?WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT IT...'Love love love this book! It made me cry but it also made me laugh out loud. I love the style in which it is written ... You really do feel like it comes from a young boy. I just cant recommend this highly enough!! Will definitely be looking out for more from this author. .’‘I haven't read any other piece that evokes every emotion. It's funny and clever and sad and disturbing. It's also taken me back to my own experiences of growing up having been a youngster in the same era the language and settings are so familiar. This is a book you just won't be able to put down. Excellent - I keep reading out extracts to my other half who has laughed and then winced at the tales .... And recalled his own experiences .... Fantastic and one for the Christmas list ....'