Author: Waldo Rodriguez

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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The Crucible made him a warrior. It didn’t prepare him to face the demons within.

Reeling from the salvage site massacre, Gabriel wonders if he’s a hero, a monster, or just a pawn in The Herald’s games. Whatever the case: He’s ready for war.

Command has other plans.

Enter the Proving Grounds: A site designed to test the Reclaimers’ ability to survive a hostile environment with minimal supplies. Desperation is quick to turn allies into foes.

And they aren’t alone.

Aid comes from an unlikely source. Dark forces strike from the shadows. And old weapons are set loose upon them.

Caught between losing his people and becoming a pawn for a greater evil, Gabriel fears he just doomed humanity’s last chance for survival...

The epic military sci-fi action continues in the explosive third installment of Legacy of a Dying World. Perfect for fans of Scott Moon, JN Chaney, and Rick Partlow