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HONEY CAN be used in everything! Examples found in this cookbook include Honey Glazed Ham, Baby Carrots, French Bread, Brie Cheese Smothered in Almonds, Blueberry Scones, Tomato-Basil Soup, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Veggie Pasta Salad, Honey Glazed Fruit Salad, Honey Wheat Knots, Honey Nut Snack Mix, and a whole lot more! I hope you and your family delight in the Gourmet Country Cuisine featured in this book of OVER 50 of my personal recipes with honey that I've compiled over the years! This kindle book also includes honey recipes for breads, main dishes, sides, desserts, appetizers, ideas for parties, entertaining tips, and other ideas to treat your palate! It was inspired by my love of cooking, creating recipes as a mother, and my many years as a professional caterer. It truly gives me joy to feed family, friends, and crowds of people.For a list of my BEST dessert recipes, you can buy my other cookbook, "Any Room? Simple Dessert Recipes" by copying and pasting this to your browser: Copy this link to buy my Dessert Cookbook in Paperback: little honey makes everything taste better. Enjoy!Diana Bricker