Author: Jessica Flounder

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Tired of struggling with anxiety, depression & panic attacks?

Perhaps these issues are draining your energy, causing you to live an unfulfilling life, and leaving you feeling secluded, lost & confused?

Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks are intense emotions and can make you feel powerless in multiple areas of your life...

The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth -- you ARE powerful and can break free from the detrimental effects.

You just need a powerful treatment method proven to be even more effective than anxiety medication.

Yep -- that’s right -- no drugs can fix the stemming, root cause of mental illness.

While medications are providing temporary relief, they’re still only a bandaid and potentially hurting your health in other ways, leaving you feeling more stuck.

Are you ready to finally address the root cause of mental discomfort with a simplified approach to regain control over your life?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of mental health concerns.

CBT focuses on challenging and changing cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and developing personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.

“Essential CBT Skills & Practices” has everything you need to know with proven and practical strategies to conduct successful therapy so you can finally free yourself from any mental disorders.

You'll be able to interact with family, friends, new people, colleagues, or bosses with more confidence and ease than ever before!

ANYONE can break free from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks more naturally.

Inside this skillfully crafted workbook you will learn:

The principles of CBT and how they work;Evidence-based tips and techniques for evaluating and effectively treating anxiety;How to let go of judgmental, self-attacking thoughts while effectively replacing them;Mind-stimulating techniques to identify all your triggers, take control and release them;How to overcome social settings by staying grounded and present;How to break the cycles of anxiety triggers with skills to stop them in the moment;Concise, clear, and practical tools to effectively treat negative patterns to achieve personal growthHow to improve the way you see yourself with healthy practices;How to find self-compassion and acceptance;Cutting-edge information to help you stop the self-criticism in the moment;And much more

Whether your interest is personal or professional, you will surely learn and grow through exploring Jessica Flounder’s profound work. This positive and practical approach to overcoming mental disorders is popular with therapists and patients alike.

For over 15 years, Jessica has specialized and mastered the strategies and techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for mental wellness. She has dedicated herself to helping people set themselves free from the bondage of disorders and start living their best life!

It comes with freedom, happiness, and a stronger sense of self-worth to finally have what you’ve always been meant to have.

If you’re ready to have lasting relief from any mental and mood-related problems, then you owe it to yourself to take this journey.

This CBT workbook will help you create the positive change you deeply crave.

Conquer your mental health NOW to build a better relationship with yourself and live a rich and productive life!

Waste no more time, scroll up and grab your copy now!