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Learn to make Ramen like a pro with over 150 Mouthwatering Ramen Recipes!

Ramen makes a great meal—inexpensive, versatile, and delicious, it can be enjoyed often.

These recipes can help open your eyes to all the different, tasty ramen dishes you can create.

Even if you’re not good at cooking, have little to no experience in the kitchen, or want to work with what you have on hand, this is the book for you!Impress friends and family, make a comforting, easy meal at the end of a long day, or simply try something new.

This book will teach you:

All about Ramen, how it’s made, the origins and history, and more!Different types of Ramen and which ones you should use in what recipesTips and tricks to improve your Ramen dishes to make dishes like a professional chefRecipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert that will shock and delight youVegan Ramen Recipes that can be eaten for every meal with zero animal crueltySimple Ramen Recipes for the beginner chef or for those long days when you’re too tired to cookRamen Machines 101, do you need one, should you buy one, price point comparison and moreOther Ramen Recipes so delicious they’ll keep you coming back for more!And so much more!

Satisfy your curiosity, learn delectable recipes, and make amazing ramen every time with this incredible cookbook.

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