Author: Holly Henderson

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This gentle parenting book will help you discover the secrets of showing your kids the way without traditional punishment, even if your child constantly misbehaves…Are you tired of wailing toddler tantrums?

Do you feel guilty when you punish your child but don't know the solutions to reactive parenting?

Does it seem like nothing works? Are you constantly saying

no to your children

?You're not alone.Parenting isn't easy – as your child gets older and more independent, you get to see them reach a lot of milestones.However, you'll also begin to realize that some of these newfound behaviors aren't so desirable, no matter what your child might think.Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most difficult experiences reported by parents when surveyed, and it makes sense why. You're having to impose rules and limitations on children who don't have the perspective to realize many of these choices are made with their best interests at heart.Instead of gratitude, you get attitude.Whether you're going through the terrible twos and threes or navigating life with a surly teenager, within these pages

you'll find strategies and tactics to help you with the most frustrating situations.

It might seem like every other parent has it figured out, but they don't. Just like you, they're struggling to find a balance between freedom and structure that encourages children to grow while still enforcing healthy limits.In

Raising Positive Little People

, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

Practical exercises and action steps to help you apply your newfound knowledge starting todayThe important difference between punishment and discipline and why it's so important to understand how they differWhat appropriate developmental expectations are for each age group and how to listen so kids will talk.How validating your child’s emotions plays a critical role in developing your child's emotional self-regulation skillsCommon misconceptions about effective discipline and the facts you need to know as a parentHow to establish and create healthy boundaries that encourage your child to develop self-controlRelatable, real-world anecdotes that perfectly illustrate life as a parentWhy you shouldn't fear the dreaded toddler tantrum – and best practices for handling them when they happen and solutions for reactive parenting

And much more.

Many people feel that there's nothing wrong with the way they were raised – after all, they turned out alright in the end. But the truth is, recent research has made it clear there are certain methods and techniques that are not only better for your child, but better for you.Make the choice to stay informed and

have all the knowledge needed for raising awesome little people.

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