Author: May Katar

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re about to lose your mind, raising your girl?

Do you count to ten, trying to calm down before bursting out at your daughter, but realize that sometimes even that won’t help?

Does your daughter make you feel like you’re losing your mind and you don’t even recognize yourself?

I get it. I have two girls. It’s not easy AT all!Heck, sometimes I ask myself, “What the blip is beautiful about parenting?” I just want to find a cave where I can cover the hole with leaves so that I can’t be found… ever.I’ve been fortunate to have my life take a complete 180 thanks to the long journey of self-reflection I’ve been on. But you don’t need years; not even months. All you need is to read, complete the exercises (even if they make you feel uncomfortable), and take notes.Thanks to all this information I’ve gathered and the research I’ve conducted, I am in a much better place raising my kids. It’s such a relief to know how the heck to approach these beauties, and it’s even more rewarding to see that all each of them really wants and needs is you, her momma.

We’ll cover these seven parts that each cover an essential part of going through puberty:

Are your actions preconceived by society or how you were brought up? We’ll start by getting crystal clear about who we are as mothers and what we really believe is suitable for our daughters.How to make inroads when communicating with your girl. You’ll need to get ready to read, implement, and reap the rewards. We cover every aspect of communication, including the pretty and not-so-pretty sides.The critical element that builds self-confidence in girls. Most parents underestimate a natural byproduct of building a strong, confident foundation.Going through puberty. Stepping out from the safe, secure, protective world of being a young girl and into the unknown, uncharted territories of womanhood.Where does her disrespect cross the line? When is it a red-flag warning that requires you to change your approach, and how?The worst habit moms have. How it could kill confidence in a heartbeat.Fundamental clinical psychologist’s tools. To set your daughter up to be the badass girl she was born to be.

You want her to start this journey liking who she sees staring back at her in the mirror. Badass Moms Raising Badass Girls will give you just that. A clear understanding of what she is going through. Learn how to deal with her ever-changing moods and much more.

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