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Do you want to create your own garden but don’t know where to start from? 

Would you like to start gardening but are you worried that you don’t have enough space?

Raised bed and container gardening book is the right solution for you! This guide will help you to build a thriving garden where you can grow healthy fruits and vegetables, and also herbs and flowers.Growing plants in raised beds have many great benefits. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to produce more from the same area. Elevated bed gardens can double or triple the amount of space harvested produce! This is because the square footage required for pathways is considerably reduced, and more space can be dedicated to plants. Another great advantage of growing in elevated beds is that you can change the soil quality more readily, and you can also grow plants in highly inhospitable soil.This manual offers you everything you need to create your own raised bed garden from scratch. Perfect for beginners, raised bed and container gardening is a healthy and fruitful activity that anyone can carry out successfully. Gardening is no longer limited to yard-houses. Today, one can build an indoor beautiful, and thriving garden. Many people now use raised beds for indoor gardening. These beds are suitable to grow flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. 

In this book, you will find the following topics:• Why Choose Raised Bed and Container Gardening• Site Preparation and Planning Garden• Raised Bed Garden Design Ideas• Types of Water Irrigation System• Suitable Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs to Grow in Raised Beds• Way to Keep Your Garden Healthy• Pests, Prevention, and Treatment• Differences Between Having a Classic Vegetable Garden, a Raised Bed, and a Greenhouse• Common Mistakes to Avoid and Gardening Tips• And Much More!!!

It's not important if you have a roomy outdoor space or a small balcony, you can build your raised bed garden anywhere you like!

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