Raging On by Paula May

Author: Paula May

Category: General Nonfiction

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The author of First Degree Rage continues the ongoing true crime saga of obsessive jealousy, murder, and revenge in North Carolina.
Police Officer L. C. Underwood terrorized his ex-fiancé Kay Weden and her son Jason. Though he evaded justice for a time, Detective Paula May uncovered the truth and saw him convicted for murdering Kay’s boyfriend, Viktor Gunnarsson. But was Underwood also responsible for the brutal murder of Kay’s mother, Catherine Miller?
Now, despite being sentenced to life in prison plus forty years, Underwood vows to exact revenge on everyone he deems responsible for his arrest. He rages on, plotting his next move, enlisting others to wreak havoc in the lives of Kay, Jason, Detective May, and others. Will they ever find peace? Will Catherine Miller’s murder ever be solved? Will Underwood’s reign of terror ever be stopped?