Author: T.E. Robins

Category: Mystery

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A long-lost sister. A new disappearance.A journalist called home to face her haunted past.When another woman vanishes in broad daylight from the same countryside community where Paige’s sister disappeared fifteen years ago, the past and present blur in a chilling echo of familiar rumours and unsettling memories.With no investigation or news coverage to counter the widespread gossip painting her sister as a rebellious runaway, Paige launched her journalism career determined to write the truth. Yet, the one story that's eluded her is her sister's, muddled in a haze of unchallenged gossip, unanswered questions, and personal grief.Returning home means dredging up painful memories, challenging the skepticism of the police, and confronting the fractures in her own family. But with her journalism career hanging in the balance, this could be Paige's last chance to give voice to the silenced, and make sense of the ghosts that haunt her.In a tale of lost souls and found purpose, can Paige confront the shadows of her past to illuminate the truth and find redemption? Dive into a gripping mystery where one woman's quest for answers might just be the key to her salvation. Read more