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***** #1 Amazon Best Seller *****Super Simple, Super Quick, Super Easy and Super Delicious Mexican Quesadillas??Finding new ways to cook quick and easy snacks or dinner recipes can be hard sometimes. Your challenge: Figuring out how to cook a simple, yet delicious meal. This kindle cookbook shows you diverse ways to achieve the everyday cooking challenges by enjoying Authentic Mexican Quesadillas. ??If you are looking for complicated, non Mexican recipes, like dessert quesadillas and other weird inventions, or if you are a high skilled cook who knows Mexican food really well, then this cookbook may not satisfy you. This Quesadilla Cookbook features really easy-to-make and 100% Real Mexican recipes.Party snacks, appetizers, lunch, and dinner done right in a few minutes??If you've ever had a lack of inspiration in the kitchen, and are always on a tight schedule, this book solves your problem. Or if you have an upcoming party and do not know what to serve your guests, you could easily have a quesadilla feast with diverse quesadilla platters.Ideal for everyone who likes cheese and quick meals??With super easy-to-follow steps, the Mexican cook and author of this book, J.R. Deschamps, shows you how to make quesadillas like a true Mexican.??Are you getting bored of sandwiches, wraps, or nachos? This Mexican food cookbook serves up 40 Mexican Quesadillas, plus homemade tortillas and numerous salsas, ideal for even the most inexperienced and unskilled cook. ??You'll discover:Veggie Quesadillas, Quesadillas with Ham, Bacon, or Cold Cuts, Quesadillas with Chorizo, Chicken Quesadillas, Beef Quesadillas, and Seafood Quesadillas.Mexican Street Food-style Fried Quesadillas - Learn how to make the dough to cook your own fried quesadillas just as well as the ones from the streets of Mexico City.How to make your own tortillas with simple corn and flour tortilla recipes. All you need is a tortilla press.+ 8 Salsa recipes, including guacamole, salsa verde, salsa roja, and pico de gallo. Perfect to complement any quesadilla and spice up your Mexican cooking.?-Mexicans do not use quesadilla makers, but if you have one at home, you can easily adapt the recipes in this cookbook to use your quesadilla maker properly.??Please stop eating at Taco Bell! Scroll up, click the buy button, and start cooking authentic quesadillas right away!Viva el Queso!