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? Do you want to reveal the mysteries of how the universe works? ?? Do you want to show off your scientific knowledge to colleagues, friends and family? ?? Do you want everybody to look at you like a physics genius? ?

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Quantum Physics is considered one of the most challenging topics to learn.Even physics students get confused when first facing all the paradoxes and counterintuitive evidence of Quantum Physics!Also the most famous scientist ever, Albert Einstein, struggled to accept the consequences of Quantum Mechanics.

This guide was born to help you familiarize yourself and understand the concepts behind Quantum Physics without the need for the math foundations behind it.Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in it:

The most complete introduction of WHAT is Quantum Physics (childproof)All the basics you need to know without which you cannot understand more advanced conceptsAll the most famous theories simply explained (like the Heisenberg one)How you unknowingly use Quantum Physics in your everyday life:Lasers. how they work and what they are used forMRI and how it helps to diagnose severe diseases and organs damagesQuantum Computing and how it will change the worldand much more The BONUS chapter about Einstein's Relativity TheoryAnd so much more…

AVOID throwing money into overly complicated books that are useless now.

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