Author: Loew T. Kaufmann

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??Are you studying to major in physics and wish there was a book that could help you see things in a different light???Whether you're looking for a supplement to your current studies or want to gain some insight into the world of quantum physics, this is the book you were looking for!

This book will help you understand the basics of quantum physics and how it relates to our daily life, using easy-to-understand language throughout. Quantum Physics for Beginners is perfect for students in all levels of post-secondary education and anyone with a remote interest in just how weird things are at the subatomic level.

With tons of clear examples and an approachable tone, this book will have you finding out just what makes our universe tick in no time.

By reading this book, you'll discover:

-    The Birth and Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics is a chapter that will explain to you how quantum physics was born and will make you understand the quantum nature of light in a simple but effective way

-    Everything About Einstein's Relativity and His Theories, so that you can fully understand the genius behind Albert Einstein and delve into his theories from another point of view

-    What Are Quantum Thoughts, in a chapter that will explain to you the history of quantum thoughts, the tactics of the quantum mind, and everything about the Penrose & Hameroff's Mind models

-    Five Modern Applications of Quantum Physics, including the Bell's Theorem and many more, so that you can understand how to see practical examples of quantum physics in everyday objects such as toasters and much more

-    How The Law of Attraction Works, to be able to understand how to use quantum physics to your advantage, being able to attract everything you crave and make your dreams manifest

-    … & Much More!

With this book, you will be able to find out what quantum physics is about, how it can affect your life daily, and how it can help you understand even the more modern applications of this branch of physics, giving you super valuable and exciting insights into the world around us.

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