Author: Nancy Patterson

Category: General Nonfiction

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Do you want to understand something more about the world around you?

Do you want to discover the secrets and theories of quantum physics, but do they seem impossible to understand?

Does the law of attraction really work?

Quantum physics is an integral part of our lives and it is extremely important for us to have at least the basic knowledge on the subject. Most people struggle with it as there are scarcely any books on the topic that is compatible with the needs and demands of people who are just starting out as physicists and need a simple guide to understand the concepts.

Here’s some of the information included in the book:

-Quantum Origins of the Universe

-Fundamentals of Quantum Physics

-The Photoelectric Effect

-How Is Radiation Absorbed?

-The Role of Photons in Photoelectric

-Photoelectric Effect: Einstein’s Theory

-Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

-How Quantum Physics Affects You

-What Is The Law Of Attraction? And How To Use It Effectively


Learn concepts worthy of an excellent mind without effort, understand the most revolutionary and mysterious rules that govern the universe in which you live.

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