Author: Jason Deas

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Benny James is back! The former FBI agent turned private eye is whisked into action by TV evangelist, Reverend Jim, who heads a mega church in Mississippi and has a major problem. Reverend Jim’s son, Brother Jim, has taken his battle against sin to the extreme. Attractive young women are being “baptized” by being pushed from bridges.Benny jets to West Palm Beach, Florida, the epicenter of the murders, to join his girlfriend and media powerhouse. As she chases the story, an adversary from her past vies for Benny’s affection. An FBI agent and hot young gun, becomes infatuated with Benny and creates more waves in an already turbulent atmosphere.The bizarre murders continue as the fatal baptismal rituals increase in frequency. Only one woman survives, but she disappears before she can identify her would-be killer.With the help of a new cast of eclectic characters, as well as some old favorites, Benny crisscrosses Florida in search of answers, making connections, in an attempt to catch the killer before more young lives are washed away.