Author: Mark Tyrrell

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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In PTSD: Horror in the Mind, Mark Tyrrell tells stories of many case studies from his long experience of treating post-traumatic stress disorder. You'll learn how PTSD presents, how it affects people, how to test for it and how to test that it's gone. Mark also describes what he sees as being the ethical way to treat PTSD without causing additional distress for the client. You'll hear how he has used the same approach to help survivors of rape and attempted murder, to people who've witnessed unspeakable death and destruction. He examines popular treatment models for PTSD including CID, EMDR, EFT and the Rewind Technique and describes what he considers the best approach. This in-depth introduction is followed by 9 articles on PTSD from his blog: 1) Is your client traumatized? 2) Could it be PTSD? 3) Is it crucial to identify the initial event that created a trauma pattern? 4) Why there's no need to relive the trauma all over again 5) Why I never have my clients relive their traumatic experiences 6) Why PTSD and phobias are a case of bad hypnosis 7) Is trauma locking your client in depression? 8) Helping your client readjust to life after trauma 9) Encouraging post-traumatic growth in your client.