Psalms with God’s Wisdom by ML James

Author: ML James

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Navigate life's tough decisions with confidence by drawing on Him!

Transform your life as you learn & apply divine wisdom!

Seeking insights for living life wisely?Interested in learning & applying ancient time-tested wisdom?Know someone who might benefit from this?
This Christian devotional book contains more than 100 thoughtful quotes & proverbs of wisdom, prayer, thanksgiving, trust, praise & worship hymns from Old Testament’s Biblical book of Psalms that can be great for anyone interested in living wisely.

This book of devotion can empower, inspire & steer you to do so through:

Ancient wisdom and instructions in wise dealing. Comfort, strength, hope, direction & purpose.Discerning the words of understanding. Giving shrewdness to the inexperienced. Knowledge and discretion to the young. Attaining sound counsel.
A must-have for you, your family & friends.

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