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You don’t have to choose between a purposeful career and a passionate marriage.I get it—you have to run a business, you have to manage a home. But should keeping a healthy relationship really come in third place?The struggles in your marriage are not happening to you and your partner; they are you and your partner. So it’s time to put your relationship back on the top of your priority list. In Project Relationship, you will receive a practical action plan to get back to the passionate, peaceful, and purposeful relationship you started out with. Aimed at women entrepreneurs (but great for all audiences), this book will guide you toward using your best business acumen in your personal life—and watching it thrive.In Project Relationship, you’ll discover how to:Identify your struggleTake actionCommunicate with loveCreate habits and rituals that will work for your unique situationAnd put your relationship back in your hands.All it takes is one moment of clarity to decide something. Let this book be your moment of clarity. Project Relationship will stop at nothing until your love life is back in business.