Author: Todd Wissler

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could have just about anything you wanted by simply imagining you already had it? When you learn to unlock and use your Subconscious Mind Power that’s pretty much how it happens. But will it work for you?If you have failed at getting the life you want after trying various motivational strategies and personal transformation methods such as The Law of Attraction, Mind Power, Hypnosis, Positive Thinking, learning how to set and achieve goals, even undergoing years of traditional therapy that did not deal with healing your inner child...if mind power, self esteem and self confidence methods worked for several months then STOPPED and your life reverted to square one...if you feel as if you can never get anything you want, that something always sabotages your efforts to succeed, you’re a continual victim of bad luck, your life is in constant turmoil, you’re dealing with low self esteem and see yourself as a loser... you could be a victim of what Mr. Wissler defines as “The Unwritten Universal Law”. If so you must free yourself from its grip before anything will improve your life.This book brings to the table “The Missing Piece To The Self Improvement Puzzle”, something no established Mind Power, Law of Attraction or other self improvement gurus talk about. It reveals why some people will NEVER succeed in life no matter how much determination they have or how hard they work at attaining success or how much they try to improve their life by improving their thoughts...until they discover what that “Missing Piece” is and free themselves of it.Here’s what you will discover:•The 6 Keys that unlock your Subconscious Mind Power that can get you just about anything you want•How and why you MUST go beyond Positive Thinking by stating affirmations correctly for mind blowing life achievements and personal transformation mastery• How to achieve ambitious, extreme goals beyond realistic ones that only produce average results• How to put your Mind Power on steroids so it works very quickly….in SECONDS •Why your subconscious mind belongs to the entire world and how to use it to prevent and cure yourself AND OTHERS of disease•How to rewrite history to heal your inner child from painful relationships with parents even if they’re deceased and WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time and money in traditional therapy•How to determine if you are a victim of “The Unwritten Universal Law” and what you must do to free yourself from it because until you do NOTHING ELSE will improve your lifeEven if you’ve had a pretty successful life so far you will learn how to achieve even greater greatness and unlock abilities you never knew you had by “aiming for the stars”. To begin what could be the most important venture of your life add this book to your cart, check out and get going.