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Is the hype around the pressure cooker justified? Or is this another fad? The answer: it’s totally legit.The pressure cooker has existed in some form for centuries, but it wasn’t until the modern era that the version we know came to be. Even that pressure cooker had lots of flaws, so modern technology and safety features have improved the device significantly, making it one of the most convenient appliances you can own. Why is the pressure cooker so helpful on your journey to a healthy lifestyle? It’s been proven to be the healthiest cooking method for food, especially vegetables, which often lose lots of nutrients during other cooking processes. You can expect to preserve 80-95% of an ingredient’s nutritional value, which is crucial if you depend on vegetables for a majority of your meals. This book explores other benefits of the pressure cooker, including its speed, which cuts down time in the kitchen by ? or even in half. Holidays meals are a snap, and you can cook meals at home even after your busiest days. You’ll learn how to use the pressure cooker, what all its parts do, and how to keep the cooker clean and functioning properly. What can you actually make in a pressure cooker? Your options are vast, as you’ll see in the book’s 200 recipes:Breakfast hashesShredded BBQ porkRibeye steakSalmon risottoBuffalo chicken wingsVegan chiliArtichoke dipPeach cobblerChocolate bread pudding Cooking shouldn’t be a draining chore. The pressure cooker makes it fast and easy, so you can spend time actually enjoying the process, and knowing that you’re taking good care of your health. Whether you are trying to lose weight, prevent illness, or simply improve your overall health, the pressure cooker and this cookbook are essential tools to take on your journey towards wellness.