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The world is changing rapidly. What is true today, can be history the next. To handle these situations Prepping and Homesteading get more and more popular.

Two manuscripts in one book:
Prepping: An Essential Survival Guide for DIY Preppers Who Want to Be Self-Reliant When SHTF, Including Tips for Living Off the Grid, Homesteading, and Stockpiling Properly
Homesteading: A Comprehensive Homestead Guide to Self-Sufficiency, Raising Backyard Chickens, and Mini Farming, Including Gardening Tips and Best Practices for Growing Your Own Food
The world is falling apart, bit by bit. Be it a human-made or natural disasters, things are getting worse, and everyone needs to be prepared for the day when the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan).

It isn’t just weather and wars; with one financial crash after another, there is every chance that disaster could strike at any time.

Discover how you can be prepared for any scenario, by learning basic prepper skills.

Another important qualification you need, it to be able to fix your own food without going to the store, i.e. the life of a Homesteader.

A lot of famous and successful people are embracing the life of a homesteader.

Homesteading has become a catharsis for people who finally want to live the life of a producer rather than a mere consumer.

Thousands of people all over the globe have decided to say “yes” to gardening and domesticating animals.

This book will give you the necessary information and tools.