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Build an apocalypse-proof superfood and anti


aging prepper


pantry... without

paying a fortune with the


s Superfood Pantry on a Budget


Should disaster strike, are you and your family ready for it?

Are you sure you have enough food in your pantry that will allow your family to thrive for years?

And do you know how to store it to avoid unpleasant surprises?

Your worries are valid.

From a global pandemic to ego-fueled wars, the constant barrage of bad news has made you wonder (more times than you care to admit) what lies ahead should natural or man-made catastrophes ensue.That’s why you need to prepare yourself for the worst to ensure safety for you and your loved ones! But where do you even start?“


s Pantry on a Budget

” by Jim Grylls is your one-stop shop to surviving the next earthquake, plague, or even World War!Throughout his career as a renowned survivalist, Grylls has seen, done, and overcome it all! Using the insights, tips, and tools that he’s learned from his line of business, he strategically lays out everything you need to know on how to play the long game and survive any calamity!

In Prepper

s Pantry on a Budget, you will discover:


PART 1 -

Long-Term No Refrigeration Foods to Stockpile

The foods you cannot give up that are cheap, last for years and can be stored without a refrigerator»

PART 2 -

Anti-Aging Energetic Recipes for Modern Preppers

The oldest recipes that every prepper must know: anti-aging and surprising superfood that can be preserved for years!»

PART 3 -

How to Preserve Them Without Surprises

How to preserve your pepper’s pantry stocks like a pro with zero surprises»

Bonus - 7-Day Survival Kit

All the essential items, tools and food rations to build up a 7-day survival kit»

Bonus - Checklists

Check and tick the list of superfoods and your 7-day survival kit’s items… and avoid being caught by surprise» You have also a


you can find inside the book» And…. personalized, professional formatting that will follow you throughout this survival journey


ven if you don't have any



so far, you will find everything you need to know to act like one: prepping is a state of mind that can come and rescue you at any time!

Keep in mind that

even if you get stuck


you can always send us an email

(provide inside each book of the series), we are always happy to help you with any questions you might have!


s no time to waste!

Increase RIGHT NOW your and your loved ones’ chance to survive and thrive when the whole world comes crashing down with “


s Pantry on a Budget


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