Precarious Summer by Lyn Cote

Author: Lyn Cote

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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The tourist season is the life-blood of little Winfield—nothing must make tourists stay away.

Summer tourists flock to the southern shore of Lake Superior’s beautiful clean blue waters. Audra, a young single mom, opens a coffee shop-bakery. Her future and her little girl’s hinges on its success.

But Memorial Day, the first weekend of the all important summer tourist season, begins with an unwelcome bang. A trip wire detonates a fire. More booby-traps explode, destroying and frightening. These push the new sheriff to question whether he is up to this challenge. Especially when the fires target people closest to Audra, a woman he thinks is amazing.

The incidents pull them together and he can’t help being drawn to Audra. Can Audra and the sheriff break free of the past and have a future together? And will he crack the case before someone, maybe Audra or her little girl, is severely injured or…dies?

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