Preacher’s Girl by Jim Schutze

Author: Jim Schutze

Category: General Nonfiction

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An “excellent true-crime study” of a female serial killer given the death penalty for poisoning at least three men between 1973 and 1989 (Publishers Weekly).
Widowed Blanche Taylor Moore was about to lose her second spouse to symptoms that mysteriously mirrored those that killed her first husband—as well as her previous boyfriend. When an investigation reveals arsenic poisoning, the hideous truth about the wife and mother comes to light. Did the abuse Blanche suffered as a child at the hands of her alcoholic father turn her into a murderer she became? 
In this riveting true crime account, critically acclaimed journalist Jim Schutze explores the harrowing motivation and chilling details of the lives, loves, and victims of North Carolina’s oldest living inmate on death row. 
“Involving . . . chronicle of the murderous career of a Bible Belt Borgia.” —Kirkus Reviews