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People say that “you can never be too prepared” for a disaster – and while that is true, I do believe there is such a thing as over-preparation. If preparing for a possible disaster in the future significantly impairs your family’s quality of life today, you might need to reassess your priorities. Living in a constant state of terror and paranoia is not something I am particularly fond of. I’m not one of those people who has built such an incredible fortress for myself that I’m almost giddy about the idea of getting a chance to use it.If you find that lifestyle appealing, this guide is not for you. But you probably guessed that already from the title. You see, I believe in practical preparation. Being smart and ready, but also being rational about the risks and rewards involved. ====================================SOME TOPICS INCLUDE...+ Building a "Ready Bag" (a.k.a. "Go" or "Bug Out" Bag)+ Creating a Sensible Stockpile+ Having a Basic Disaster Preparedness Plan+ What if you have Children or Pets?+ Prepping on a Tight Budget+ BONUS: Canning and Preserving Food