Power of Fae: The Complete Series by Michelle Bryan

Author: Michelle Bryan

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Power of Fae: The complete series 
3 books and 800+ pages of parallel worlds, Fae hotness, action, and romance fill this awesome boxset.
The Lost Link
I die every night in my dreams.
Add to that the hallucinations of people I've never met and creatures that don't exist, and you can see why I don’t let anyone in. People don't take well to weirdos that can't tell reality from illusion.
That all changed the day a dragon attacked. Yup, that’s right. A real-life, smoke-breathing dragon hunted me down in the middle of a school day. I only escaped because a Faerie forced me to jump through a fire portal into a realm of magic. Normal, right?
Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, I met him. The Fae prince. Eyes of jade, ebony hair, and a smile that made my knees weak. Too bad he was my mortal enemy sent to finish what the dragon started.
Now, faced with parallel worlds, a daring escape plan, and an evil queen bent on taking over the universe, only one thing is for certain. I’m in way over my head.
The Lost Magic
Jette O’Hare doesn’t belong with a Fae prince. And she sure as heck doesn’t know how to win a magical war.
That’s me, I’m Jette. One of the alleged saviors expected to help save the multiverse. But the people who believe that bull are in for a world of disappointment.
Every bizarre, parallel world I visit is filled to the brim with trouble, and I somehow always manage to end up knee-deep in all of it. More problems are the last thing I need in my life right now.
 Learning I’m an elemental and expected to help save the multiverse? That’s some pretty heavy stuff, and I don’t know if I can take much more.
If it wasn’t for Prince Starke’s guidance and friendship, I would have admitted defeat and run for the hills long ago. He taught me to accept and control my magic. He kept me grounded in this world of chaos. But even he has his secrets. Secrets that just may cost us the war with the Fae queen.
If I can’t figure out who to trust, and soon, the question won’t be can we win the war, but will we even survive it.
The Lost Prince
My worst nightmare just came true.
I'd lost Starke to the darkness of blood magic. My rock. My mentor. The man I loved had suddenly become my mortal enemy.
And worse, I'd made a promise to my grandmother and the clan leaders to eliminate him if I couldn't bring him back from the abyss. I didn't have a choice. It was the only way to lift the kill on sight order on his head. Still, not one of my smarter decisions.
But one thing at a time. First we needed to find the last elemental, convince him he was a magical being, get him to jump with us to another world, and fight in a war for the multiverse. Easier said than done since Starke was determined to stop us every step of the way, and we were running out of time.
If I couldn't convince Starke of who he truly was, and soon, our worlds would never be the same.
What are readers saying about Power of Fae? 
?????I couldn't love a story more!! Super awesome and the ending was perfect! (Amazon Reviewer)
?????What an epic conclusion! I didn’t think this series could get better but I was wrong.
It picks up right where it left off with Starke under Asha’s control but I love him even as evil Starke. Jette believes he can come back, but not only that she believes they can still beat Asha.
Amidst a devastating betrayal, a shocking discovery, and a wickedly cool battle, Jette never stops fighting.
I’m so freaking excited to learn she’ll be in the final Bixby book!
This series is amazeballs, and I’m sad it’s over. (Amazon Reviewer)