Author: David Simpson

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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We're living in a time where technology is changing the world at an ever faster pace. New technologies like artificial intelligence and gene editing are going to change everything, but we don't know what. What will happen when humans can live forever? Or die with just a few keystrokes? How will our governments react as they lose control of their citizens' data? And how do you feel about uploading your mind into a computer so that you may live on after death?The Post-Human Omnibus is the perfect book for these times. It's an epic series of stories that explore all sides of humanity's future through science fiction, from both near-future dystopias to far-future utopias (and everything in between). Written by award winning author & TEDx speaker David Simpson, this collection explores many different genres from thrillers to romances to mysteries and much more.You can read it all now for just $4.99 on Amazon Kindle or any other e-reader devices (iPhone/iPad etc.)