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Are you eager to invest in property but don’t know where to start? Discover the first steps to creating a prosperous and secure financial future.

Fearful you won’t have enough savings to retire? Don’t think you can afford another house or apartment? Worried you may end up with bad tenants that cause you headaches? Professional real estate investor, speaker, and teacher Jason M. Kogok has spent over two decades immersed in the RE industry and knows exactly how to help newcomers find success in their initial ventures. Now he’s here to demystify all the ins and outs so you can begin your journey with confidence and ease.

Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel: A Beginners Guide to Building Wealth with Real Estate is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to flourish and grow by investing in bricks and mortar. Aimed directly at the novice investor, Kogok takes you by the hand and explains in easy-to-understand language how the industry works, the key financial decisions you’ll want to have clarity about, and the longer-term management techniques that will protect your money. And by following his brilliantly simple approach, you’ll soon be scanning the sales sites and opening the first chapter in your property portfolio.


Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel

, you’ll discover:

Every fundamental aspect of buying, renting, and managing all types of properties, so you can feel confident and informedEasy-to-follow explanations of important concepts to help you converse with expertsHow to identify red flags, calculations that will save you money over the long term, and ways to increase cash flowThe surprising secret behind how many homes you need to retire comfortablyA thorough run-down of practical activities, debunking the industry’s vocabulary, and much, much more!

Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel is an essential manual for anyone ready to dip their toes into real estate investing. If you like detailed information, expert strategies, and leaving no stone unturned, then you’ll love Jason M. Kogok’s concrete foundation.

Buy Plug the Holes, Fill the Barrel to open the door to financial security today!