Author: Charlie Hoehn

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ACTUAL READER FEEDBACK“This book saved my life. Every tip is natural, just the way I want to treat my anxiety.”“Play It Away really hits on what ‘living in the moment’ is all about. Reading this book has been one of the most valuable investments I’ve made, both professionally and personally.”“I work in the mental health field, so I have read my weight in self-help books. I would highly recommend this to anyone wrestling with anxiety. Or really, just anyone.”“When reading Play It Away, I felt as though I was talking with a friend over a beer, rather than reading a book pointing out what I was doing wrong. Charlie relates to the reader in an extraordinary way and offers tangible advice that doesn't seem out of reach. This is certainly a different kind of self-help book that I will keep on my bookshelf for years to come.”“Living on the road for the better part of 7 years representing and speaking for Tony Robbins landed me in the hospital: adrenals burnt out, depressed, poor digestion, and miserable. It was pretty hard to be a ‘motivational speaker’ when I was actually dying on the inside. Charlie's book serves as a great reminder to enjoy life more, and also provides the necessary "how to" information and practical advice to enjoy life and be more productive. Highly recommend this book to anyone who is busy and wants to enjoy their life more.”“It might be because I see so much of myself in the author's story, but this book has already changed my life. It reminded me of all of the things that I used to fill my free time with that I completely abandoned, and it gave me concrete, actionable ways to re-integrate them into my life. I've already recommended this book to over a dozen good friends. It's a very solid read.”“I've been feeling 98% back to my former self 98% of the time. Sometimes I have a hard time believing the five months that I was crippled with anxiety even happened. My confidence is back and I'm having fun again.”“After reading your book, everything clicked for me. There are so many parts in it that I can relate to; the anxious feeling from coffee, lack of sleep, too much time spent on my laptop/iPhone, and so many other things. I can’t explain how nice it was to know that someone finally understood AND has solutions to change those feelings. The answers I’ve been searching for and asking doctors about for almost the last 3 years, you were able to summarize in one book.”“Play It Away is a gift. It’s totally changed how I think about my interactions with friends, women, and people I meet for the first time. I'm more open, playful, and happier overall since reading (and applying) this book.”“This book provides simple but profound advice on how to gift yourself with a stress-free, happier existence.”"What a truly inspiring and incredible read for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression. The author's style is so full of energy and bubbly, it made me want to go out and take my own adventure.”