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“DUDE! Where Did You Learn Those Shots?”That’s what my friends told me last time we played Pickleball!

The truth is… Pickleball

can sound like a hard game

, but let me tell you something.If you follow the

strategies and information in this book

, that’s all you need to gain a

perfect understanding of the game in no time

.Not just how to play it, but also

how to play it effectively

so you can be up there scoring and

winning the game against your more experienced friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Check out what’s inside:

The Basics of Pickleball and what every newbie must know in order to start playing instantlyWhat is the Pickleball winning philosophy, and why is it even more important than the most advanced strategies and tactics?What’s unique about the Pickleball serve, and why do I had to write the whole chapter about it? Find out inside!11 foolproof strategies and techniques to help you handle most game situations with ease and confidenceWhat are the most common mistakes you must avoid when playing Pickleball if you want to score more often?You don’t have to be an athlete to start playing Pickleball, and here is why…What usually separates losing and winning shots? It happens way before the last shot is made!So much more!

This book is a

perfect guide for every beginner

who wants to start playing Pickleball effectively, even if you have never tried playing it before!

So what are you waiting for?

Get Your Copy Today and Become a PRO of Pickleball!