Peter Pan in Wonderland by Jeni Conrad

Author: Jeni Conrad

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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With only a month to high school graduation, Peter is excited to get started on his life’s next adventure—college and learning who he is without his adoptive family constantly around. Too bad fate has other plans for him.At a local amusement park called Wonderland, Peter has a chance encounter with his fencing rival, Jillian Hook. They fall through a creepy funhouse mirror and embark on an unimaginable journey searching for Peter’s sister, Alice, who is lost on the mirror islands where fairies grant wishes, cats appear grin-first, and pirates rule the skies.With reimagined, beloved characters, this dual POV, fairytale retelling boasts a vivid mixture of several worlds and stories. This series is perfect for fans of enemies to lovers, villain origin tales, magical worlds, whimsy, and Once Upon a Time. Read more