Author: Conrad Bauer

Category: General Nonfiction

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Discover mysterious cases of unexplained crimes where the victims can only explain what happened to them as the result of paranormal and supernatural activities! And that's scary!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Not all unknown forces are amiable to us humans, and some may be quite worth the fear that we instinctively feel when it comes to these forces.The idea of being confronted with a paranormal phenomenon of any kind is enough to flabbergast most people. But what if that paranormal phenomenon is coupled with a crime? Seeing a Bigfoot in the wilderness would be stunning enough, but imagine one grabbing your wallet and running off with it! The same goes for folks who claim to have been attacked by ghosts, demons and the like. There are even some who say they somehow got on the bad side of elves, fairies or other woodland sprites. And while everyday crooks are bad enough, when an entity that can walk through walls and travel through space and time starts giving you the shakedown, it adds a whole new dimension to the matter—literally!The stories herein are admittedly hard to believe all the way around, but those telling them, seem sincere enough. So, whether you believe them or not, suspend your judgment for a moment as we take a look at some of the most astonishing alleged close encounters—of the criminal kind!

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