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Discover all the edible wild plant species of the Pacific Northwest, learn how to identify and forage them in respect of the territory, and reduce spending on unhealthy and expensive foods.

Would you like to take advantage of all that your local area has to offer to live a healthier life in touch with nature?Do you wish to know how to prepare at home medicines from herbal plants?Would you like to reduce the consumption of traditional prescription drugs and enjoy the benefits of herbs and medicinal plants while also saving money?Would you like to learn about delicious recipes that use wild plants collected by you personally?

If you answered “YES”, then this is the book you've been looking for!

Foraging for food and medicinal herbs in natural environments has become increasingly fashionable. With more people becoming interested in making healthier food choices and using different herbal home remedies for common ailments, using fresh, local, and organic ingredients has gone from a niche pastime to a primary way of life for many.

The term "foraging" describes discovering and collecting edible items and medicinal plants from the wild, such as clams, mussels, mushrooms, nuts, berries, plants, and herbs.

“Pacific Northwest Edible Plant Foraging and Medicinal Plants” is divided into two sections and provides all the details regarding the Pacific Northwest's edible and medicinal plants.

In the first section you will discover:

How to recognize the edible parts of wild plants and how to use them to treat yourself or in cookingHow to harvest wild plants and what is the right time to do itA guide to sacred indigenous plants and how tribes and indigenous peoples have always used themDelicious recipes that you can prepare with the plants you have collected near your homeAnd much more!

In the second section you will find:

A comprehensive guide to medicinal plants and their beneficial effects on your healthTechniques suggested by the most experienced for identifying and foraging medicinal herbsHow to use medicinal plants at home to heal yourself naturally and reduce the use of prescriptive drugsTips on what you will find locally in each seasonAnd much more!

This book is a detailed guide that will be of great use to you and your family, and it's perfect as a gift.

Don't contemplate! Get your copy right now and start a new journey of foraging herbs and plants.