P.S. Not If You Were the Last Man on Earth by J. S. Cooper

Author: J. S. Cooper

Category: Romance Books

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To my tent mate,
I am only going to say this once. I am not interested in you. I will not be sharing a sleeping bag with you. I will not be asking you to
keep me warm with your 'hot body'. Who calls their own body
hot by the way? I will not be doing a belly dance for you in the middle of the night and I definitely won’t be making you hot chocolate. You’ll be lucky if I even alert you to a bear, so don’t push your luck. I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I’m not interested and have no desire to see you again after this trip.
Yours Unsincerely,
P.S. Not if you were the last man on earth
They say that no good deed goes unpunished and they are surely right.
I agreed to go on a camping trip with my best friend and her new boyfriend, Finn, but I never agreed to share a tent with Finn's best friend, Brody.
Brody is a pompous full of himself jock. He thinks he rules the world because he's some hot shot baseball player, but the jokes on him because I don't even watch sports. I just need to get past this weekend without killing him and then I never have to deal with his arrogant ass again.