Author: Rada Jones MD

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Mysterious deaths. A looming evil. When her patients start dying, can a lone ER doc stop the slaughter?Lonely and forsaken by her loved ones, Dr. Emma Steele settles to live for her patients and her wine. When her mentor is murdered, she risks her life to find the killer but falls into his trap.Emma would do anything to stop the carnage, even if unmasking this cold-blooded sociopath may take her to her grave. But can she overcome the monster and save those she swore to protect, or are they doomed to a fate worse than death?OVERDOSE is the first thriller in the gritty ER Crimes. If you like suspense, serial killers, and a headstrong protagonist that won't quit, you'll love Rada Jones's page-turner.Read Overdose today to get your heart pumping.