Author: Etta Faire

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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She had no idea her inheritance meant murder…

Carly Taylor couldn’t believe her luck. As a 30-something-year-old living in her mother’s basement after her divorce, she never considered herself particularly lucky… until her ex-husband died and left her his house.

She couldn’t wait to move into the gorgeous Victorian mansion in a picturesque lakeside town.

But, as soon as she unpacks her stuff and gets comfy, she realizes why she got it. Her ex-husband’s ghost is hovering in her living room, haunting the place, and wanting her to solve his murder.

Carly can think of a million people who would want to kill the man, and she’s one of them. So solving his case is not exactly something she’s jumping at the chance to get in the middle of.

But little does she know, his murder is just the beginning of her problems. There are a lot of ghosts in Landover, and now that she sees dead people at every turn, they all want something from her.