Author: Ryan Reisert and Rex Biberston

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Are you in a First Time Sales job trying to learn how to be a good salesperson and perfect your pitch? This sales training book can be read in less than 45 minutes and covers the fundamentals for anyone getting started in sales tactics or for anyone looking to brush up on their skills.

There is no shortage of books or content today to help you learn about sales. In the past 30 years, there has been an incredible amount of research and growth in the sales profession to help modern sales professionals better serve their customers. However, after reading Rory Vaden's New York Times Bestseller "Take The Stairs" and learning that "95% of all books that are purchased are never completely read" and "70% of all books ever purchased are never even opened" we wanted to write a sales training book that everyone could read and take action on immediately.