Author: Daniel Wrinn

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“A terrific story of the American heroes who gave every ounce of their strength and courage to kick open the gate to Tokyo.” – Reviewer

Explore the battle for Tarawa in a fascinating new light.

The war for the Pacific rages on. The US has set their sights on the Tarawa atoll – a small yet vital island which, if captured, would give the Allies a powerful stepping stone into the heart of Japanese waters and the rest of the Gilbert Islands. Through a coordinated assault of carefully planned beach landings, the Marines made their attack on November 20th, 1943 . . . and encountered a resistance so fierce and violent it shook the Allies to the core.

This gripping book provides a day-by-day account of this pivotal campaign, shedding light on a little-known part of the World War 2 conflict. Delving into the initial landing and the brutal struggle to seize the Japanese base of operations on Betio, Operation Galvanic recounts the moments which turned the tide of the campaign and gave the Allies a major victory in the Pacific Theatre.

A brilliant read for fans of WW2 history and the lesser-known conflicts which decided the future of the Pacific, this riveting book offers a new and vivid look at the battle for the Tarawa atoll.