One Last Gasp by Andrew C. Piazza

Author: Andrew C. Piazza

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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There are worse horrors than the evils that men do.

Near the end of World War II, during the Battle of The Bulge, a US Army unit pursues a renegade SS panzer battalion into the secluded Ardennes forest. There, hidden deep in the snow-covered pines, they find an ancient manor house containing an inhuman evil that defies any sense of reality.

Confronted with a supernatural evil inside the manor, and surrounded by enemy troops outside, the soldiers will have to unravel the mysteries of the creature called The Geist and face a nightmarish battle for body and soul if they are to survive.

Part war story, part horror story, One Last Gasp will hold you in its haunting grip from its explosive beginning to its mindbending conclusion.

Fans of HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, or other stories of horror with an innovative twist will find "One Last Gasp" to be a good read.