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Are you considering taking up the boondocking lifestyle? Want to be great at it? Keep on reading. Whether on a permanent or part-time basis, you will need guidance and assurance to get you through the experience, no matter your expertise. Many aspects of the off-grid lifestyle have more reason and meaning than what you see on the surface.In this book, you will discover:- Different concepts of Boondocking- How to get ahead and use great electrical systems ?- Simple secrets to keep you off-grid longer?- Safe and simple solutions?- Amazing locations to be off-grid?- A modern list of what to bring- The know-how about your consumption and how to predict it ?- Explicit details on Powering your RV in modern ways?If you are serious about boondocking and being handy with your RV, then this book will show you all of the best practices to fine-tune your success. Nothing to lose, but everything to gain for your road trips ahead!