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Are you and your family tired of the noise of the metropolitan?Is your brain exploding from the stress of a typical day?Do you feel like your life is slipping out of your control?

If so, it might be time to turn off the noise and live off-grid.

In a matter of days, you can be living off the grid - away from the hustle and bustle of city life - far from the madding crowd.

It can be tough to make that move, even when you have a plan.

But with the right guide, it's easy!

This guide for living off-grid walks you through

everything you need to know to set up your off-grid home and live in harmony with the land around you.

It starts with

planning your new life,

then moves on to

find a place that suits your needs.

The guide also covers

building your own house, growing food, and how to generate energy without relying on the grid.

If you've ever wanted a simpler life

- one where living off the land isn't just for folksy people who are practically Amish -

then this book is for you.

Inside this collection, you will learn practical step by step instructions on:

Book 1:

Off-Grid Living

Plan everything easily for a 100% success ratio (no prior experience required!)Choose (or build) the perfect shelter for a living (without losing any of the modern city comforts)Create your own food and your own water supply and preserve it for years (and what to do with the waist!)Live without electricity (and how you can produce your own electricity!)Waste Management --- How to keep your land clean and disinfectedDeal with Home Medical (and build your own First Aid Kits!)… & Much More!

Book 2:

Backyard Homestead

Everything you need to know to turn your backyard into your FREE organic food supply and reach a self-sufficient living (a brief guide for beginners)All the secrets to get your garden producing an abundance of food even in the winter, the toughest season of all (and never being force get back to the store again)How to raise happy and healthy animals so that they gift you with the best possible food (such as the best honey and eggs of your life)How to collect and conserve water both for you and the homestead (and how to keep it bacteria-free)Herbal medicine: treat ailments naturally without using chemical drugs (what herbs you need and how to grow them)And so much more

Book 3:

Solar Power for Beginners

All the Crucial Requirements You Need to Know to Successfully Install Your Green Energy System and make the most out of it.Brief Instructions on Designing and Installing The Entire Solar Panel System and an easy-to-understand step-by-step process.Very Comprehensive Information That Help A Beginner Not To Catch Scams; it turns complicated into understandable, helping with step-by-step procedures to build a solar energy system for home or camper or whatever you want.Clever Ideas on How You Can Finance Your Green Energy System and obtain incentives for using solar power energy… & Much More!

If you've been dreaming of living off-grid, don't miss this opportunity:

Learn how to disconnect from the contemporary world without losing the pleasures of the modern world.

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