Author: Claire C. Riley

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Claire C. Riley comes the first book in the intense post-apocalyptic series, ODIUM. Bringing life, love & survival together for one thrilling read.The infection came.Humanity fell.And the world everyone knew ended.But one woman’s unwavering determination to live, against all the odds, might just be the only thing to survive this bleak new existence.When the fate of a young girl hangs in the balance, Nina sacrifices herself and leaves the barricaded city she’s living in. Despite this act of selflessness, Nina isn’t the same woman she once was. She’s bitter, angry, and she wants nothing more than to disappear. But now she’s reluctantly become both protector and family to the girl she climbed the wall for. The duo set off across the bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape, toward a safe haven that might not exist. While journeying, they meet Mikey—a man on the run from his past and hiding from bigger demons than the ones that walk the earth. He introduces them to a life they couldn’t imagine. A life above the ground. However, this new world continues to bring more dangers, and darker shadows than they knew possible.And Nina quickly discovers that beyond the wall… The deaders aren’t the only thing to fear.That love and survival just might go hand in hand.And that fear will not be ignored, or Forgotten.Series reading order:Odium 0.5 is a prequel to the series and can be read either before or after Odium IOdium IOdium 1.5Odium IIOdium 2.5Odium IIIOdium 3.5 *coming soon *Odium IVOdium V Odium VIOdium VII