Ocean of Regret by Mary E. Hanks

Author: Mary E. Hanks

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Everything she ever loved about Judah came rushing back to her. A tender story about grace, love, and second chances.

After being gone for three years, Paisley returns to her hometown to face her past and make amends with her family. Not too difficult. Or harder than anything she's ever done.

Nothing can make up for how she left.
But she is determined to try.

Judah has waited and prayed for his wife's return. He told himself whenever she came back, he'd do everything in his power to win back her love.

That's exactly what he intends to do.

However, Paisley doesn't plan on getting back together with him. Making amends, yes. Falling in love, no. But when hurricane winds hit the coastal town, and she faces her greatest fear, will she cling to her plans and live with regret ...

... or let them go to find love again?

If you enjoy tender Christian fiction that tugs on your heartstrings, and has a hint of suspense, try Ocean of Regret today and dive into the Restored series!

"Judah captured my heart with his tender and steadfast love for Paisley." ~Cathy L.

"Paisley and Judah kept me turning pages to find out where this tale would go next." ~MKW

"So good to read a modern Christian book that is inspiring and 'clean.'" ~Amazon Customer

The Restored series is a chronological series. Ocean of Regret is the first book. The ongoing story will be more enjoyable if the books are read in order.

Ocean of Regret (Part 1)
Sea of Rescue (Part 2)
Bay of Refuge (Part 3)
Tide of Resolve (Part 4)
Waves of Reason (Part 5 coming in Summer 2021)

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