Oath of Blood by Jayne Faith

Author: Jayne Faith

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Only forbidden magic can save her . . .

A magical storm that rocked the supernatural world left Tara Knightley’s mother dying.

No one understands the disease or how to cure it.

When her mother slips into a coma, Tara decides to take matters into her own hands. In the middle of the night, she sneaks away.

She won’t return home until she’s found a cure.

Tara’s quest takes her into the dangerous world of the Fae, a world forbidden to her despite the trace Fae blood running through her veins. With the help of a secret community of Fae living as humans, she finds a way into Faerie.

There, she meets a Fae mob boss who owns a collection of rare magical artifacts. He claims he has magic that will save Tara's mother.

But the cure comes at a steep price. And in Faerie, words are weapons and promises are forever.

What will Tara have to sacrifice to save her mother’s life?

The events in Oath of Blood (Tara Knightley Prequel) take place 10 years before Edge of Magic (Tara Knightley Series Book 1). Oath of Blood is approximately 180 pages long.