Author: Marta Almansa Esteva

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A burn, a cut, a head bump? Join Nurse Bear to find out what nurses do, learn how to call an ambulance, and

Written and created by a children's nurse, Nurse Bear Does First Aid includes images of real-life tools and materials to help children recognise and become familiar with them.

This book covers:

calling an ambulancechecking vital signshandwashingcutsburnshead injuriesasthma attacksallergies.

Nurse Bear Does First Aid is ideal for children aged 2 to 6. This book is a great teaching resource for families, homeschoolers, nurseries, childminders, school teachers, health visitors, school nurses, paediatric nurses, GPs, and paediatricians.

Learn how to help in an emergency with Nurse Bear!