Author: Elizabeth Day

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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In Notes from Gusto: Break Free, the ever-empowering Gusto (from provides the tools for you to break free from anything limiting the full expression of who you are and all that you’re capable of.

Break free from the things that don’t matter and from any anchor holding you back from moving forward. And then revel in your freedom.

Break free from thinking you’re alone or thinking you’re without choices. And then, feeling wholly supported, dive deeply into the adventure of today.

Break free from anything holding you inside yourself and from any too-tight mold that doesn’t accurately define you. And then spread your wings; it’s time.

Open to any page of Notes from Gusto: Break Free to find exactly what you need: the nudge, the question to consider, the supportive reminder, the shift in perspective, the steps to follow, or the break-free love note to you.