Not Until Now by Valerie M. Bodden

Author: Valerie M. Bodden

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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“My heart went pitter patter.… A sweet story about forgiveness, redemption and letting go of what you think is the plan for your life.”
They both know what they want. And it’s not each other . . .
Kayla has worked hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury, and she isn’t willing to give up that independence for anyone. Which is why she is willfully single, with no intention of dating, marrying, or starting a family—ever. But when she witnesses an accident in Hope Springs, she finds herself drawn inextricably into the life of the young girl whose mother is now in a coma—and the uncle she has to convince to take care of the girl.
On the verge of the perfect life, Cam doesn’t owe his estranged sister anything. So he doesn’t appreciate the call informing him that he needs to care for the niece he didn’t even know he had. And yet, somehow he can’t say no to the woman on the other end of the phone. He soon finds himself on a plane for Hope Springs. He’ll go there, make alternate arrangements for the girl, and get back to his real, nearly perfect life.
But as Cam gets to know his niece—and Kayla—he starts to question what the perfect life really means. And as Kayla experiences the pull of family, she wonders whether being independent really means closing yourself off to others. Can they both let go of what they thought they wanted and let God give them the love they truly need?
A powerful story of faith, love, and forgiveness, Not Until Now will draw you in, touch your soul, and leave you with a happy sigh and a heart filled with hope.
“A heartfelt read. The characters pulled me in early on and kept me throughout the story. This was one of those stories to me that made me feel like I actually knew the characters, felt for them and wanted to pray for their journey through life.”
While the books in the Hope Springs series are linked, each features a complete romance about a different couple and can be read in any order.