Author: Lynnette Bonner

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Schoolteacher Charlotte Brindle is relieved that her long journey from Boston to Wyldhaven is about to come to an end. And then the bullets start flying! As she sprawls on the floor of the coach and curls her arms around her head, she wonders whatever in the world possessed her to give up the civility of a Boston school for the promise of adventure on the wild frontier?!Her fellow passenger, an elderly man named Patrick Waddell, has obviously angered the men outside. And he has no intentions of going down without a fight—or without a bargaining chip!Sheriff Reagan Callahan grinds his teeth in frustration when Patrick Waddell emerges from the coach with the tiny slip of a schoolteacher as his hostage. Reagan's perfectly planned-out capture has just been shot to smithereens. What had the town's founder been thinking when he hired a woman like her? A petite and prim woman was not the kind of teacher Wyldhaven needed. He should be back at his desk drinking coffee! Instead, he now has to mount a rescue!Take the next stagecoach to Wyldhaven, where the coffee's perked hot, the sheriff likes his apple pie fresh from the oven, and adventure invariably waits just around the next river bend.Read all the Christian romance novels by bestselling author, Lynnette Bonner!The Shepherd’s Heart Series– Christian Historical Western Romance –Rocky Mountain OasisHigh Desert HavenFair Valley RefugeSpring Meadow SanctuaryThe Wyldhaven Series– Christian Historical Western Romance –Not a Sparrow FallsOn Eagles’ WingsBeauty from AshesThe Sonnets of the Spice Isle Series– Christian Historical Romance –On the Wings of a WhisperLay Down Your HeartMade Perfect in WeaknessA Walk Through the WatersThe Trail of ChainsThe Joy of the MorningThe Pacific Shores Series– Contemporary Small-Town Christian Romance –Beyond the WavesCaught in the CurrentSong of the SurfWritten in the SandThe Riversong Series– Contemporary Small-Town Christian Romance –Angel Kisses and RiversongSoft Kisses and BirdsongThe Islands of Intrigue Series– Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense –The Unrelenting TideThe San Juan Shadows Series– Contemporary Christian Romantic Suspense –Fire?The Hearts of Hollywood Series– Contemporary Christian Romance Novellas –My Blue HavynMistletoe and MochasKittens and Snow Flurries