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How to Write a Book in 5 ½ days in 3 SIMPLE Steps

“Is it even possible?”Yes, it is possible. I did this with my first book. You can do this too.

11 Habits of Highly Ineffective Writers

-- No matter how hard they try, some people cannot write a book at all. The reason could be one of the 11 habits they have. -- This book explains each one of these EVIL habits and MIRACULOUS solutions to eradicate them so that you can write your first book.-- You cannot start your first book until you know these BAD habits and remove them for good.

4 Power Steps to Publishing a Book

-- There are only 4 POWER Steps to publish any Non-Fiction book. If you master these steps, you can write 5 books in a month.

No Luck at Discovering Idea to Write a Book?

-- There are 3 SIMPLE, EASY and QUICK Ways to discover your book idea. These 3 ways will give you at least 50 ideas to write your book. All you have to do is, sift through those gems and choose the one you like.

WORRIED If your Book Idea Has Buyers?

-- No worries! This book has the solution. -- One POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and QUICK way to find if your book idea has buyers or not! -- You can do it IMMEDIATELY in Amazon itself.

3 SIMPLE but POWERFUL Steps to Write Your Book

-- These 3 steps are very SIMPLE but POWERFUL anyone can write a book as soon as they are done reading it. -- You can start writing your DREAM book in the next 2 hours.

11 Parts to a Non-Fiction Book

-- If you know the structure, you can write the non-fiction. Find the anatomy of the non-fiction book. -- This book gives all the 11 parts and explains what needs to go in each part.

Step-by-Step Blueprint to Write Your Book in 5 ½ Days

-- READY to implement BLUEPRINT that explains what needs to be done for each day to complete your book in time. -- This blueprint is very EASY and QUICK to implement. I guarantee you that your hands will be itching to write your FIRST Book.

27 POWER Tips and Techniques to create KILLER Content

-- How to create EFFICIENT and KILLER Content that will get you repeat buyers

Why Shouldn’t You Create a Kindle Book that is BIG?

-- Find out the reason why your readers will HATE you for writing a BIG book and how to avoid it.-- Find out the reason why your readers will LOVE you for writing a SMALL book.

How to Use Amazon’s GREAT, FREE marketing Tool to sell more of copies?

-- Ways to EFFECTIVELY use “Look Inside” feature to sell more copies.

How to Make Your Readers your Loyal Fans?

-- Make your reader to help you sell more books?

How to Use Title/Sub-Title/Cover-Design to ATTRACT more buyers?

-- How to INTRIGUE the buyer to buy with EMOTIVE HIDDEN PERSUASION Techniques!-- How to get your DREAM cover design

How to create a KILLER out-line for your book?

-- How to create a HYPNOTIC outline that would cut down your writing time by 57%.

FREE Bonus 15 Pages of Amazon Best Seller “Money Making Machine”

-- I have included “Marketing and Selling” part of the book so that the readers can market the book RIGHT AWAY. -- Learn to Write Your Best Seller today! Scroll up and Click the buy button NOW!-- FREE Bonus Motivational Videos to Keep You Focused and Inspired

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